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Believe in Tomorrow House

Our community is proud to support a partnership with the Believe In Tomorrow™ Foundation through our retreat home at Pinnacle Falls.

Believe In Tomorrow’s retreat housing program provides uplifting facilities to help families with critically ill children renew their spirit and energy. The Believe In Tomorrow House at Pinnacle Falls is one of the first retreat homes in the country to serve families of our armed services.

From Our Residents

“Our country is rich with a great diversity of places with natural beauty. My work in public television as host of the documentary series Nature Scene, took me to national parks, national forests and wildlife refuges from Alaska to Hawaii and Maine to California. Our national treasures are special and beautiful and I find that same aura can be found here at Pinnacle Falls in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina.

There is peace and joy here in the mountain forest and valley and the quiet wooded trails along Cabin Creek. The stream tumbles down the mountain from the falls that give our community its name and cascades over the ledges and rocks to the valley floor where it meanders quietly in places seeking its way to the Green River.

My wife and I built our log home on the side of Huckleberry Ridge overlooking the valley and with our move here from the city, every day is a cause for celebration.”

– Jim Welch

“For a couple of years we have discussed where we might want to live when we retire. We wanted an area that would have good weather, not too hot, cold, with a change of seasons, cultural and outdoor activities and a reasonable cost of living. After researching a few areas and speaking with some friends, we decided that Western North Carolina might meet our needs.

As a result, we planned a vacation to the Asheville/Hendersonville area for the summer of 2006. During our vacation, we discovered that the area has a great selection of casual and fine dining restaurants and a wide variety of cultural and outdoor activities (e.g., Biltmore Estate, Flat Rock Playhouse, hiking and white water rafting).

In addition, everyone we met was extremely friendly

While on Vacation, we also picked up materials about a few properties in the area. When we got back home we reviewed all of the materials and additional research on the internet. Since we liked the area we decided to come back in October of 2006 to look at some properties. Among those properties was Pinnacle Falls.

Although the other properties we visited were nice, they did not compare to Pinnacle Falls.

From the moment we arrived at Pinnacle Falls it was apparent that this was going to be an elegant, classy community while still providing a “down to earth” environment.

The mountain views from just outside the Pinnacle Falls development were beautiful. However, the development itself was even better.

As we drove though the community it was very peaceful. We looked at various lots in the Ridges since we wanted a large enough lot to eventually build our dream home. Some lots were very private while others had spectacular short and long range mountain views. Very quickly we began to feel like Pinnacle Falls was home. The hardest part was deciding which lot to purchase. After a little discussion we decided that Lot 11 was the one for us. Once we chose our lot we walked the professional hiking trails through the lush forests to the waterfall and we were able to see the site where the clubhouse will be built. Despite being in the early stages of development it was clear that Pinnacle Falls was being designed in a quality manner. We look forward to seeing the progress that will be made at Pinnacle Falls over the next few years. There is no question in our minds that choosing Pinnacle Falls was the right decision.”

– Andrew Kinigson

“On this day in May 2018 we are reminded – it is the temperate climate, clean air, blue skies, mountain breezes, and enjoying a sense of well-being that brings us here. Specific to Pinnacle Falls, today we measured 9 degrees cooler temperature up here than downtown Hendersonville. Fleeing decades of the torpid central Florida climate and hurricane anxiety, this is kin to heaven. While winters bring a couple snowstorms, it is not the deep snow belt.

More than 7 years of enjoying our new home on this south-facing slope, preferable for year-round living, we find Henderson County has appealed to people nationwide and they have chosen this as their final destination. In many instances, folks are widely traveled in work and career, and those who live here mostly choose to do so, availing themselves of the outdoor amenities and scenic surrounds. Their satisfaction is manifest in their hospitable temperament and friendly welcome. With travel as part of our lifestyle, we enjoy easy access to three airports.  Fresh Market, Harris Teeter’s, Ingles and soon a Publix grocery store are a 15 minute drive from up here, be it a winding mountain road, we can enjoy rural living and exquisite quietness, yet with small city convenience. Passing through Flat Rock en route to Hendersonville, we often stop at Rainbow Row with a bakery, Hubba Hubba’s BBQ, or Honey & Salt for breakfast. It is comforting knowing two top-notch hospitals are serving the community.

Pinnacle Falls is equal distance from quirky Asheville and Greenville in thriving upstate South Carolina. Highlands and Cashiers are spectacular summer and fall places, whereas Henderson County is for year-round living. The spring blossom followed by the early summer fireflies of an evening and the bonus of color of fall – a full four, seasons, this is not a bad place to find ourselves at sunset.”

– Jean and Rod Patteson

“Our family chose Pinnacle Falls because we wanted to live in a mountain setting with four seasons that was within convenient driving distance to shopping, restaurants, and school. Pinnacle Falls fit that description perfectly. As soon as we entered the community we knew we had found the ideal spot for us to call home. The serenity of the forest, the waterfalls, and having hiking trails in our very own backyard really appealed to us.

Now that our home is complete and we have moved in, our neighbors have welcomed us and made the transition here even more gratifying than we could have imagined. There is an undeniable sense of community. The Pinnacle Falls clubhouse and pool have provided a splendid place to workout, swim, or just relax and read a book from the on-hand collection, as well as gather for social events with friends and neighbors. We have enjoyed taking in the sights of the beautiful oaks, maples and dogwoods with the smells of wildflowers and refreshing cool breezes up here on the mountain. We feel completely blessed to call Pinnacle Falls our home.”

– The Blackburn Family

“May 2018 marks 10 years since we moved into our antique log home at Pinnacle Falls. Many years have passed since we walked into the Pinnacle Falls office in Hendersonville and quickly identified the property we wanted on the large topographical map. We chose Lot 91 because it was a small property and we could see that Cabin Creek bounded on two sides.

Our intention was to build a weekend home, but our design morphed into a three story cabin. We knew we wanted to use old logs and we were excited to be able to work with Mark Bowe, now of Barnwood Builders’s fame, but then merely known as the owner of Antique Cabins & Barns.

Once we moved in, we realized that this would not be a weekend house. We suddenly wanted to spend every night we could at Pinnacle Falls. That meant we were spending 5-6 nights a week at the Pinnacle. We both had businesses in Spartanburg, an hour away, but the drive was well worth it. We were enamored by the national park like setting, the laid back life style, as well as the mild climate. We learned that summers could be enjoyed outside without being compelled to stay inside an air conditioned environment.

When Mark Bowe visited recently, he asked a point blank question. ‘How do you love living at Pinnacle Falls in your antique log cabin?’ The answer, ten years ago and today is ” We love living at Pinnacle Falls very, very much and can’t imagine enjoying a location more.”

– Sallie and Ralph Johns

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